Keith Mosfet – Oh Time (2020)

Canadian-Irish Keith Mosfet takes a different approach to music. Drawing on inspiration from oil paintings and combining it with his background in electrical engineering, he took on the challenge of writing, recording and mixing his 2019 EP Superficial Hypocrite. The combination of his talents is carried on in his latest single ‘Oh Time’.

The track draws on indie-rock musical influences with a splash of his own unique psychedelic twist. While working on the lyrics, Mosfet was feeling the pressures of getting older and maturing while still trying to figure out life.

The start of ‘Oh Time’ is the indie-rock opening you might be expecting. This leads into Mosfet’s post-punk vocals. The track is reminiscent of Joy Division and Beck, but there is a twist in it. You can hear the unique notes Mosfet brings in with the sonic layering and vocal effects.

While the layers of the music are a showcase of artistry, the lyrics are as gripping. You can hear the pressure he was feeling in every word. There is a loneliness and sadness to the lyrics that contrast the high-energy music.

‘Oh Time’ is full of souring and raw emotional vocals mixed with high-energy guitars showing the unique artistry Keith Mosfet has to offer. The track details the pressures faced when getting older and the loneliness many people feel.

Find out more about Keith Mosfet on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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