Jason Lake – Adventure 28 (2020)

Over the last four years, singer-songwriter Jason Lake has been working on his third album Adventure 28. Working with James Stevens on guitar and Colin Smith on bass, Lake has combined the influences of his past albums for the new release. The folk and Americana roots of his first album mix with the pop and brushed beats of his second to create a new vibe in Adventure 28.

The inspiration for the album was a tough year Lake went through. The album highlights the struggles that happen between the ‘main events’ of life such as love and heartbreak. These are the moments when we learn more about ourselves and the album is a reflection of this.

The first track ‘Reform’ has a soft piano opening that sets the tone for the song. It is a simple acoustic leadup to Lake’s velvety vocals. The lyrics tell the tale of the moment you realise something needs to change or reform.

‘Battle Cry’ has a more upbeat tempo to it while retaining the simple acoustic vibe of the music. The beat on the track enhances the lyrics and message of the song. This song is more about pushing through and the momentum of the melody drives this home.

‘Somewhere Sunny’ has more guitar in it then the first two tracks creating a different feeling to the song. The rock opening leads perfectly to the folk-based vocals that captivate you with the lyrics. This is possibly my favourite track from the album because it has so much raw emotion and energy.

The fourth track ‘28’ has a more upbeat melody to it and this is reflected in the lyrics. This track is a happy acknowledgement of those who help you see that things need to change whether through hurtful words or showing you the way forward. This whole song makes you want to bob to the beat and gives you happy vibes.

‘If Truth Must Be Told’ is much slower than the previous song with a stripped back arrangement. This arrangement draws you in while the song’s lyrics hook you. This song is full of hard truths and is one of the saddest on the album.

‘The Machine’ brings the rock vibe back with a deep guitar opening. There is a fast melody in the track that has an aggressive edge to it. This is an unapologetic call out to those who want you to be a cog in the machine.

The last track of the album is ‘Juliet’ that ends everything the same way ‘Reform’ started it all. The simple acoustic melody wraps up the album, but there is a more hopeful tone to this track. This is a very easy to listen to love song with emotive vocals and an amazing arrangement.

Jason Lake tells the story of someone rebuilding their life and learning from the past in Adventure 28. He uses his strong vocals and a combination of folk and rock melodies to tell the tale. Each track in the album stands perfectly on its own, but as a whole is wonderful to listen to.

Find out more about Jason Lake on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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