Keren Ilan – So Many Times (2020)

People deal with heartbreak in different ways. Keren Ilan has taken a novel approach by turning it into an ode to melancholy in her new single ‘So Many Times’. The ode is delivered using her mesmerising vocals and an instantly likeable melody. Accompanying the single is a spontaneous music video.

Her music draws on the influences of indie and new folk artists. Sonically and visually, she finds inspiration in the landscape of Tel Aviv, the city she calls home. This combination of influences and inspirations meld into her heartfelt single which is a great taster for her upcoming EP.

Ilan’s vocals are what capture you and draw you into ‘So Many Times’. From the first moment of the single, you are introduced to her mesmerising tones which are rich and soothing. Her performance has traces of melancholy, but there is a larger sense of hope and resolution. This perfectly matches the lyrics that lament the breakup but lays out a path to get over everything.

While her vocals hold onto you, the melody forms this easy layer that wraps around you. You will find yourself swaying to the melody. There is a vibe to the melody that makes you feel like you have always known it. The melting pot of guitars, horns and drums is a wonderful sonic experience that you can’t help but love.

The accompanying music video encapsulates the emotions of the single in a wonderful visual. Set in an empty mansion in Umbria, you can take in the scenery while feeling the melancholy of the single. There is a whole story in the music video that matches the lyrics of the single making it wonderful to watch.

Keren Ilan has turned heartbreak into an ode to melancholy while mapping a path out of these emotions in ‘So Many Times’. She draws you in with her rich vocals while the melody is a melting pot of instrumentation that envelopes you. If you are looking for a laidback, slightly melancholic and entirely too enjoyable single, this is the one.

Find out more about Keren Ilan on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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