Kev Howell – Longnor (2021)

Kev Howell is looking to bring a bit of joy to our lives with his single ‘Longor’. A track that is more upbeat than his usual sound, it offers the burst of positive vibes that we all need after the last few years. Rolled in some classic rock tones, the single urges us to move on from the negativity of the past and stay positive to ensure a brighter future.

The single is a great taster for Howell’s upcoming album which looks to bring joy and good vibes to the world. While it is different to the punchy and smoky poetry that he has been cultivating since 2017, it is just as engaging and addictive. His distinct vocals and poignant lyrics continue to shine with a warmer edge bringing the joy that everyone needs in their lives.

‘Longnor’ softly draws you into the soundscape with the gentle tones of a guitar. The shuffling beats rise against the guitar line adding a grooving movement that has you bopping to it. There is an amazing layering to the melody that has you riding down the guitar line while tapping away to the beats. As the melody continues, a positive vibe builds and a smile slowly makes its way to your lips. Throughout the song, you are led into good vibes that wash away any negativity you feel clinging to your senses. This is all mixed into a really grounded rock flow that pulses with the best elements of classic and modern rock.

As the melody builds, Howell’s vocals bring a smoky edge to the track. While his performance carries on the alterative rock vibes of his previous releases, there is a chilled and relaxed feeling to them in this track. He effortlessly invites you to let go of the past and move on to the next chapter of life with a sense of hope and happiness. There is no way that you can listen to this track and not feel hopeful for the future while shedding the chains of the past that tie you down. The chorus, in particular, has you moving on with life while sticking in your brain like a mantra you can rely on when you need it.

Kev Howell packs a lot of fun and hope for the future into the rock tones of ‘Longnor’ while helping us let go of the past. The melody is layered to perfection with a shuffling beat that has you tapping to it and a guitar that soars through your brain. The vocals have a smoky edge that enhances the message of the track beautifully.

Find out more about Kev Howell on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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