Khaki Fever – Quarter After Midnight (2021)

Khaki Fever is bringing the sounds of summer to our ears regardless of the actual temperature outside. ‘Quarter After Midnight’ blends funky guitars with energetic synths for the organic heat of the summer months. Adding a blast of trumpets, they have you soaking up the heat while dancing like you are at a summer party.

This wave of summer vibes comes from the musical brains of Sam and Gio. As they emerged from the depths of the pandemic, they realised that what the world needed was a bit of funk and groove. Since then, they have been tirelessly creating engaging tracks that have you dancing and shaking to their rhythms. Combining Sam’s love of gritty vocals with Gio’s impeccable sense of groove, they are sure to hook you to their electric energy and sweep you up in an unstoppable flow.

The vocals draw you into ‘Quarter After Midnight’ with a smooth touch to the skin. There is a seductive edge to the vocals that enthral you and pull you under their spell. Through the performance, you are filled with a sense of fun and excitement. The lyrics are packed with the carefree feeling of a night out with friends while bringing the warmth of summer to your bones. The duo switch vocal duties which match up with the music for a delightful flow. There is an interplay between the vocals as you move from silken smoothness to a grittier tone that has a splash of attitude.

Enhancing the feeling of the vocals is a dynamic melody that is so packed with warmth and fun that you can’t help but feel happy listening. The beat in the opening verse is toe-tapping and slowly builds to the chorus that shimmers with bright energy. The funky guitar calls out after the chorus and brings you to the gritter vocal line. There is a different feeling to the parts of the melody that bolster the tone of the vocal performances.

Khaki Fever shimmers with the warmth of summer and gets you moving to funky tones in the dynamic yet smooth ‘Quarter After Midnight’. The distinct vocals bring two tones to the soundscape that elevates the warm summer vibe of the track. The feeling that the vocal performances bring are enhanced by the dynamic movement of the melody that has you swaying and tapping to the beat.

Find out more about Khaki Fever on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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