Kickin’ Lilies – All These Bad Dreams (2020)

Kickin’ Lilies was formed in late 2018 as a low-key supergroup with members of Lauren’s Court, Fracas and Rhythm, and Wood & Shapes. The five-piece includes Ethan Burford (guitar), Cameron Henderson (drums), James Boak (vocals), Morgan Punton (guitar) and Kyle Stoops (bass). Their debut single ‘All These Band Dreams’ has now been released.

The track focuses on the way negativity affects how we think and behave. The song charts this through the lyrics. The melodic influences of the song vary with some mimicking of Jack White.

‘All These Bad Dreams’ captivates from the first second with a driving guitar opening that makes you pump up the volume. The inclusion of a punishing drum line makes your feet tap to the melody. Throughout the track, there are great rock guitar riffs that run through your chest (in a good way). While some of the guitar tones were chosen to mimic Jack White, they are all so unique and fun to listen to.

Boak’s vocals lure you into the lyrics with smooth notes and emotions. Through his performance, you can connect with the lyrics and feel the anxiety negativity causes. There are these wonderful moments of harmonisations in the song that add a new element to the track.

Kickin’ Lilies captivates you from the first seconds with their anxiety-riddled track ‘All These Bad Dreams’. The song has a powerful melody that creeps into your brain while the vocals rise and fall with the unease of the lyrics.

Find out more about Kickin’ Lilies on their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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