Babe Club – Together (2020)

Babe Club is a two-piece outfit consisting of Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell. The duo met when Desmond moves to Charleston to study psychology, but inevitably became part of the music scene. They formed Babe Club in 2018 and released their first EP the next year. Their latest single ‘Together’ is off their upcoming EP Remember This Feeling.

The track is a nostalgic look at the unconventional start of Desmond and Campbell’s relationship. The song charts how the pair started touring in a band together shortly after they started dating. This intense start to a relationship is carefully charted in both the lyrics and music of the single.

‘Together’ draws you in with an expansive opening that sets the tone of hazy emotions for the track. The driving beat that appears combines with melodic guitar lines to create a funky foundation for the song. The musical arrangement of the single reinforces the emotions of the lyrics and the background of the track.

Desmond’s vocals are lilting and powerful as they chart a non-linear passage of time. The lyrics move across time and have a cinematic feel with a booming chorus. The mixing of Desmond’s smooth vocals with the synths and melodic guitars is done with a finesse that makes the track a pleasure to listen to.

Babe Club offers a nostalgic and cinematic experience in ‘Together’ as they chart memories using non-linear lyrics. There is a hazy but driving feeling to the melody that combines with the lilting vocals to gently swarm your senses.

Find out more about Babe Club on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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