Kiey – Sunday Sanctuary (2021)

The workweek is always a rush of work while Saturday is spent trying to catch up with everything that couldn’t be done during the week. This leaves Sunday as the time we can spend with loved ones, just relaxing in each other’s presence. The happiness and serenity this brings has been picked up by Kiey and turned into the euphoric tones of ‘Sunday Sanctuary’.

The joy of doing mundane things with those you love fills this track and sets the pleasant mood of the album it comes from. With atmospheric tones he has been honing since he started creating music in 2015, Kiey lightens the load on your shoulders and has you appreciating the peaceful time you have. Completely self-produced, the single shows how he is moving from strength to strength and will have you eager for the soft tones of his next album.

‘Sunday Sanctuary’ soothes its way into your senses with an expansive opening that reaches out across the soundscape. The pulsing beats have your head bopping to them while rolling you forward along the cotton soft tones. The light tones turn into a moving rise of tones that lifts something deep in your chest and has you flying through the atmosphere. There is a very dynamic movement to the music that keeps you guessing where it is going while pulling you further under its tones.

Kiey’s vocals are ethereal and hazy as they enter softly over the pulses of the beats. Through the lyrics, he fills you with the little mundane acts of a Sunday spent with the family only to sweep you into the euphoria this causes. It is a rather heady feeling that fills you as you give into the vocals. While the melody dynamically moves under the vocals, his performance continues to carry the easiness of a happy Sunday into your soul.

Kiey has you embracing the euphoria and serenity of a Sunday spent around those you love with ‘Sunday Sanctuary’. The dynamic movement of the melody has you flying on euphoric waves of affection. The vocals fill you with the joy of the mundane and wrap around you.

Find out more about Kiey on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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