Idle Dream – The First Time (2021)

Bringing together the sounds of David Bowie, The Pet Shop Boys and Oasis, Irish duo Idle Dream represent old-school pop meets pop-rock in the 21st Century. One of the “Covid bands”, Chris McGrath (vocals) and Connor McCabe (guitar) took advantage of the pandemic lockdowns to produce something creatively superb. In March last year, the pair released their debut single ‘A Matter of the Heart’ planting themselves in the indie scene and since then it’s been onwards and upwards. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is ‘The First Time’.

Following the Bowie-esque ballad ‘A Matter of the Heart’, Idle Dream adopts a more upbeat and jovial sound with ‘The First Time’. Vibrant and vivacious, the song boasts an interesting melodic arrangement with some rock-inspired guitar riffs in the mix. While the single is guitar-driven, the lads showcase their experimental nature by incorporating a piano near the end of the track. It definitely adds a cherry on the top when it comes to the melody. I love piano, so this is definitely a brownie point from my part.

An upbeat tune, ‘The First Time’ appears to be a positive and hopeful song, but there is an underlying insecurity in the lyricism. Dealing with the “…ideas of young love in its later stages”, Idle Dream exposes the grittier element of complex experiences, personal history and potential barriers to love. Heartfelt and tender in its crashing rock way, McCabe and McGrath delicately discuss the fragility of the human heart.

A beautiful single, I can’t help but have it on repeat. The richness and warmth from McGrath’s vocals enhance the sentimentality of the song, while McCabe carries you along with his powerful guitar skills. Definitely made for success, the pair showcase natural talent and are ones to watch this year. This is my first time listening to Idle Dream and bloody hell I’m loving it!

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