Bealby Point – Say It Anyway (2022)

We all have overcomplicated thoughts that run through our brains, that we need to dismiss and move on from. These thoughts form the basis of ‘Say It Anyway’ by Bealby Point, which is revealed over time in the track. With a touch of melancholy, the single brings us to a moment of clarity where the negative thoughts that plague us can be discarded.

Drawing on the themes and style of the early 00s, the single offers a fresh take that brings what makes Bealby Point unique to the fore. Jack Armstrong (lead vocals), Jordan Studer (bass), Clayton Dewar (guitar) and Zack Yeager (drums) are building up to their EP release later this summer with this track. The first single from the EP, it introduces us to the fresh takes and musical mixing that the band has to offer.

‘Say It Anyway’ hits you with a catchy indie rock vibe from the first note of the melody. There is a nostalgic edge to the music that has you thinking about some older indie rock songs, but there is still something wonderfully unique. There is a wash to the music that has you bopping away to the movement while touching on a slight surf feeling. The chorus brings an emphasis through the guitars that bolster the vocals and the message they bring. It is a great melody that has you rocking out, while also sinking back into the sound. The guitars twang against your ears while the drums get your feet tapping. Each melodic element has been perfectly crafted to merge with each other and form an addictive melodic movement.

It is not only the melody that brings a touch of retro vibes to the track, but the vocals as well. Armstrong’s voice has an addictive quality to it that draws you into the tale of the lyrics. Through the verses, the lyrics touch on complicated thoughts and how they plague your waking time. These thoughts are discarded in the chorus as the band leads us to a moment of clarity and realisation that we are all just trying to do our best. It is a rather uplifting message that really makes you feel better about everything. The shift in attitude in the chorus is amazing and really makes the single.

Bealby Point takes us from melancholic, complicated thoughts to a complete attitude shift in the addictive and slightly retro tones of ‘Say It Anyway’. The music sweeps through you from the first note and brings a delightful merger of melodic elements. Armstrong’s vocals use their addictive quality to draw you into the take before taking you on an uplifting shift.

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