Kin Crew – I Need Help (2021)

The start of a relationship is not always smooth. There are times when you meet someone and are caught off guard as you fall deeply in love while questioning if everything is going too quickly. This exact experience has been captured by Kin Crew in their single ‘I Need Help’. Drawing on personal experience, they delve into the emotions of the moment and how doubts can be overcome.

While this single looks at falling in love, it continues the close ties between the duo’s music and mental health. Keeping the important conversation around mental health going with their music, they lead listeners to the realisation that your illness can be your superpower. Filling you with the strength to survive and thrive with mental health problems, the band dips into alt-pop sensibilities that many can relate to.

‘I Need Help’ has a slightly retro vibe to the opening that plucks at your soul with a thread of nostalgia. The strumming guitar grabs your attention and draws you further into the single. The beats that creep in before the chorus effortlessly lead you to the catchy movement of the chorus. The latter part of the melody picks up some hip-hop flows before you are sent into the indie-rock vibes again. There are some really great movements in the track that easily flow into each other. The arrangement of the melody is smooth while bringing the slightly disjointed feeling that questioning yourself brings.

While the melody brings some nostalgia, the opening lyrics throw you back in time to reminisce. The vocals are emotive as you are filled with the anxiety of taking the first steps in a relationship. This slides into falling deeply in love before you realise what is happening. As the music creeps to the chorus, the vocals build up for a passionate call for help. The second verse opens with a great emo-rap that flows back into the rock vocals. The vocal performance is as tight in arrangement as the melody helping to bolster the narrative of the track.

Kin Crew washes you in emotions as they draw you into being caught unprepared by the strength of your emotions in ‘I Need Help’. There is a touch of nostalgia to the single that effortlessly moves into a passionate call for help. The melody enhances the emotions in the vocals while getting you moving to their beat.

Find out more about Kin Crew on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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