The Meskimo – The Most Delightful Dirge (2021)

When thinking about funeral songs, it is rare to think of them as being happy or chilled. Well, this is where The Meskimo is turning expectation on its head through the sounds of ‘The Most Delightful Dirge’. With pleasurable vibes and a chilled pop soundscape, this instrumental track is likely to be the happiest funeral song you have ever heard.

A genre-defying single, you can easily listen to it while relaxing on the beach or resting on your bed contemplating life. It is only one of many songs that The Meskimo has created in the last few months without any sign of slowing down. As he branches out with his music, there are sure to be more interesting and enthralling singles in the future.

The mellow tones that open ‘The Most Delightful Dirge’ have an easiness that slides under your skin. There is a bluesy feeling to the deeper movements while the overlaying tones are all warm sun and bubbling happiness. You can so easily close your eyes and let the music wash over you while your mind flies through the kaleidoscope of notes. The low levels of the music do bring a slightly sombre feeling to the music but this is given a glittering shine by the higher layers.

At times, the guitars bubble like a brook that you are pulled down as you float on the music. This turns into an almost conversation between the instruments as they soft call out to each other. The movement and arrangement of the track is a credit to the musicality of The Meskimo and makes you yearn to hear what else he has on offer. The sublime vibes of the track allow you to play the song as you do something else or simply sit back and let it flow over you.

The Meskimo brings a sombre feeling to the low levels of ‘The Most Delightful Dirge’ before coating it with glittering happiness. This instrumental track is a wonder to listen to and has you longing for more and diving headfirst into every other song he has. There is an easiness to the arrangement that hooks into your brain while your spirit is taken on the journey of the instrumentation.

Find out more about The Meskimo on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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