SOI – Sundrop (2021)

If you are in the mood for a single that is packed with summer vibes while offering a smooth and soulful sonic ride, you are in the right place. With his blended sound, this is exactly what SOI has to offer in his single ‘Sundrop’. Using expansive vocals, punchy rap, textured jazz and energetic yet chilled melodics, he captures the sound of summer and tells a wonderful story.

Playing the instruments and producing the single, SOI is joined by Kelly and Helium Youth on vocals. They worked together at the same musical school in Vietnam and create their blended sound by merging their musical styles. With instrumentation that tells a story and vocals that enhance the vibes of the track, they make you sit up and take note.

‘Sundrop’ warbles into your ears like the heat rising from the pavement on a hot summer day. There is a very chilled vibe to the instrumentation that has you swaying to the flow. The music brings a touch of RnB and neo-soul to your ears with a splash of pop. The chilled flows are packed with warmth while the beats bring a contemporary edge that thrusts the vocals into a more urban flow. The horns are jazzy as they shine down on you like the rays of the summer sun. There is no way to listen to this track and not feel the vibes of summer. The guitar riffs are absolutely wonderful and roll into the poolside vibes of the rest of the instrumentation before sinking into the jazzy piano line. Each instrument has a chance to shine alongside the vocals.

Kelly and Helium Youth’s vocals are the epitome of summer as they splash cool water warm skin. Their vocals harmonise perfectly for a hazy flow that is wonderful and works so well with the melody. The rap vocals bring a hip-hop edge to the track that adds texture to the rich and lush movement of the melody. When the harmonised vocals come back they slide with neo-soul goodness that is a delightful contrast to the rap vocals that bring a modern punch. This is all wrapped in the chilled vibes of summer.

SOI with Kelly and Helium Youth fill you with the warmth of summer through the fusion sounds of ‘Sundrop’. The melody is packed with jazz piano, splashes of pop and a warm neo-soul flow. Kelly and Helium Youth’s harmonised vocals are a hazy warmth that leads you to the contemporary blast of rap for a richly textured single.

Find out more about SOI on his Instagram and Spotify.

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