King Castle – Dracula (2021)

Relationships with the wrong people can drain your energy in the same way a vampire drains someone’s blood. These relationships are the basis of ‘Dracula’ by King Castle which reaches out to people trapped with narcissists and feel that they have no energy left. Through the modern love story set out in the lyrics, he offers support and strength to people who have some tough decision to make.

This infusion of strength comes from Chris Holden, the man in the castle. While he has performed under his name with a number of bands, this is the debut release for his new project. With a completely fresh approach to life and experiences, the project brings new stories with upbeat tones and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Dracula’ opens with a snippet from the movie Dracula before the guitar twangs against your ears. There is a funky groove to the melody that has your head moving to the rhythm. The beats have a funky tone that is really easy and light. The instrumentation in the back adds to the lightness of the melody while giving it body and brightness. There are moments of dips in the melody that match the whispered vocals at those moments. The upbeat feeling of the melody leaves you feeling light which is a little at odds with the lyrics and situation of the single.

When Holden’s vocals slide in, it brings that bright funky tone with it alongside a delightful smoothness. There is a richness to his vocals that have you sinking into the lyrics and feeling the warmth of a new relationship. This takes a slight turn on the chorus as his voice is filled with the realisation that the relationship is not what he expected. The rap vocals in the second verse is a great change compared to the smooth start but work as well with the blended melody. This is when you get the infusion of strength that you need to make the tough decisions about a relationship.

King Castle uses the metaphor of vampires sucking the life out of someone to tackle bad relationships in ‘Dracula’. The funky and upbeat tones of the music are a little at odds with the lyrics but fill you with the light and strength that you need. Holden’s vocals are smooth to start with and turn into a catchy rap when filling you with the support you need to make tough decisions.

Find out more about King Castle on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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