well-known pix – The River (2021)

Melding the sounds of the Steve Miller Band, Steely Dan and Eagles, well-known pix is dragging 70s rock to the 21st Century. Following several well-received singles and albums, including Americano EP, the Germany-based quartet layer engaging lyrics atop smooth, infectious melodies. The lasted addition to the evolving discography is the single ‘The River’.

Their first single in 2021, ‘The River’ is a folk-rock track with underlying hints of alternative rock. Steady drums seamlessly merge with interspersed piano backing and powerful guitars creating a mellow melody in which you can lose yourself. Yet, while the track has joviality in the harmonic sound, the impressive guitar solos introduce a harder, heavier side to ‘The River’.

Yes, the instrumentation makes a strong statement with its powerful sound, but it is the rich vocals that round out this insightful, nostalgic soundscape. Smooth and endearing, well-known pix show innovativeness and eclecticism with their beguiling single. As a fan of 70s rock – thank my mother for that – I enjoy the toe-tapping languidness as well as the impactful warmth of the vocals.

What I find intriguing about well-known pix is their way of incorporating 70s rock sounds into a contemporary style. ‘The River’ shows a clear similarity to America, particularly the single ‘A Horse With No Name’; however, the impressive guitar solo adds licks of Eagles with an underlying blues vibe. A blast from the past, well-known pix nod to the iconic bands of the 70s while adding a contemporary alternative rock edge.

“‘The River’ marks the start of this new year for our band. We wrote a smooth folk-rock song about two guys leaving their ordinary life behind to grow and find their own place in this world. This is somehow an analogy to us as a band as we try to explore new things and develop our music throughout the years.” – well-known pix on ‘The River’

For more from well-known pix check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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