Kipani – Never Be (2021)

Drawing on her love of indie-pop, US-based singer-songwriter Tiffany Jhingoor formed Kipani. With training in piano, Kipana has a classical background but it is the fusion of this with contemporary pop that makes her unique. Buzz Music described Jhingoor as one that “elegantly paints a new shade as to what indie-pop should resemble in the future”, and we agree entirely. A sonic representation of indie-pop in the future, Jhingoor has featured on numerous publications (including us!) and online radio stations. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Never Be’.

Following the acoustic-inspired single ‘Brought Down’, Kipani adopts a hazier, mist-filled indie-pop approach in ‘Never Be’. A slightly 80s-pop style, the new track is far more soothing, languid and flowing than previous releases. Don’t get me wrong, her former tracks are flowing with strong harmonies, but ‘Never Be’ is far more cinematic and abstract in its appearance (can we say appearance if you are listening to it?). What makes the track very intriguing is how well it combines with the conceptual content showcasing Kipani’s depth.

Touching on issues of loss, desperation and desperation, ‘Never Be’ is a sonic representation of being a bit of a lost soul. Kipani explains that “it is a song about loss and the empty feeling it leaves you…if you’ve ever experienced an event that alters life in such a way that it almost becomes unrecognisable, then you’ll understand the emotion that ‘Never Be’ conveys…”

Effortlessly executed, Kipani’s rich vocals make the wistful dream-like melody tangible. As usual, the hushed tones and harmonies increase the emotion behind the song. Moreover, it is the vocal execution combined with an ethereal melody that creates a listless, haunting and otherworldly sound. In brief, listening to ‘Never Be’ is like being wrapped in a perfume-filled cloud with an angel’s voice draped across as a gossamer blanket.

For more from Kipani check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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