Harpa – Hollow (2022)

Everyone loves differently with some being cautious and slowly opening themselves up, while others love with their entire being from the start. Harpa considers the latter in her single ‘Hollow’ as she explores pouring yourself into loving someone and the anguish this can bring. Pulling you into the vicious cycle of falling in love, pouring everything into the emotion and knowing the price you will pay at the end, the single brings a longing for tranquillity and a break from this cycle.

With a stirring melodic movement, the single showcases Harpa’s impressive control and musical range. Listening to the track, it is easy to see why she quickly caught the attention of DooBeDoo Music where she has honed her skills. These skills include her fantastic storytelling ability, soulful lyrics and ability to merge heartbreaking ballads with edgy rock tones.

‘Hollow’ has a gentle and tender opening that is like the blossoming of love and the affection you feel for someone. The piano line has a rich depth to it as it draws you into the single. It is a rich yet simplistic opening line that merges with the rock edge of the chorus. The chorus is a wonderful rise of rock drums and guitars flowing around the delicate piano line. This merger of melodic elements perfectly captures the emotions of the single. The tender opening line is the love that you pour wholeheartedly into a relationship while the rock edge is the desire to avoid the pain that you know will come. The soaring guitar riff is a pleasure to listen to as it tumbles with the emotions of the track, only to drop you back into the piano line. As the single comes to an end, there is a more pained feeling to the piano than in the opening.

Harpa’s powerful vocals rise out of the delicate piano line like the sun peeking over the horizon. While there is a tenderness to her performance, there is also a weariness to it. Through the lyrics, you are provided the reason for the weariness as she details falling in love with her whole being. This flows into the pained yearning of the chorus, where she wishes to be able to avoid this cycle of falling deeply only to be broken by the pain of the relationship coming to an end. It is a heartbreaking tale that is made more poignant by the power of her performance. She is able to infuse so much emotion into each word, while showcasing her impressive vocals prowess.

Harpa breaks your heart with the painful pleas to end the cycle of falling in love with your whole being in the powerful ‘Hollow’. The music captures you in its current as the delicate affection of the piano meets the turbulence of rock guitars. Riding the power of the melody are Harpa’s vocals that tear into your chest and pull at your emotions.

Find out more about Harpa on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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