Rich Chambers – Summer Looks So Good on You (2021)

From rock-inspired Christmas songs to exploring the emotional consequences of the uncertain world we live in, Rich Chambers showcases a mastery of moving melodies and captivating lyricism. Now he is filling out ears with the blaring brightness of fun with ‘Summer Looks So Good on You’’. Packed to the brim with positivity, the single celebrates sunny days, heading to the beach and having an absolute blast.

With a light-hearted vibe, the feel-good single will lift your spirits and transport you to a happy summer day. Using a combination of modern and old-school tones, he has you flying on warm waves of summer hits of the past while looking forward to the music he still has to release. Moving from strength to strength, Chambers shows no signs of slowing down and, honestly, we really wouldn’t want him to.

‘Summer Looks So Good on You’ has the warm vibes of summer filling your veins from the first note. There is a bright guitar line and moving drums that have you bopping and swaying to their rhythm. The music has an infectiously light vibe that makes you smile and ruffles your hair like the wind whipping through it as you drive on a hot summer’s day. The beat keeps you wanting to jump around to the melody while the guitar jangles through you with a slightly retro touch. The riff later in the track brings a great vintage hit to the song while enhancing the bright warmth of the track.

It is not only the melody that has you riding the warm rays of a summer’s day. Chambers’ vocals have a surf rock edge as they pull you to relaxing on the beach. While you are hit with the vibes of summer, the lyrics fill you with a warm affection. They make you think of someone you care about you always seems to be happier when it is warm. Overall, this is a really bright love song that gets you moving and feeling the urge to dance around with the people you care about.

Rich Chambers fills you with the sounds of summer that get you grooving to his infectious sound in ‘Summer Looks So Good on You’. If you are looking for a single that picks you up whenever you listen to it, this is definitely the one you want. The warmth and brightness of the music and vocals have you bopping to the sound while the lyrics make you want to hug those you care about.

Find out more about Rich Chambers on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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