Klashing Black – To the Shelter (2022)

Sibling duo, Klashing Black, are back with their first single of the year ‘To the Shelter’. Along with the official video that premieres tomorrow, the single is sure to continue the impressive splash the duo has already made on the music industry. Through the intense rollercoaster of sound, they beckon us into a fictional place for artists and other creative types, to come together and find solace from the daily pressures we all face.

Bringing acoustic instrumentation to the push of live drums and synths, this single is an amazing showcase of the versatility and musical prowess of the brothers. Taking their years of making music together and combining it with their musical influences, they have crafted an alternative pop sound that is unlike any other. With a mastery of their sound and a pulsing thread that plugs into your brain, this single is one that will cement their place on your favourite playlist.

There is the barest whisper of melodic tones to open ‘To the Shelter’. This slowly builds to a gentle, yet fragile, tone that reaches out towards you. The pulse in the low levels of melody creates a marching feeling that tosses you into the aggressive punch of bass. There is a heavy darkness that fights against the tender tones of the music. It is a wonderful interplay of pressure and solace that also highlights the musicality of the duo. The darker and heavier tones act as the pressures of the world, while the organic and acoustic lighter tones are the shelter you can head to, in order to find some peace.

The vocals have an echoing and layered feeling to them as they call for us to all go to the shelter. The rather airy feeling to the vocals gives them the same intangible quality as smoke. It is like they will slip through your fingers if you try and grab onto them. This does not mean that they are not as powerful as the melody. Their true power rests in the emotions that they weave through the music and send shooting into your heart. They fill the soundscape with the pain and anxiety created by the pressures of the heavy tones, only to sigh when the pressure is released in the safe haven of the shelter. This all comes together for an intense single that flings you through an emotional wringer.

Klashing Black pounds pressure onto you, only to offer a sanctuary where you can relax and feel calm energy in the intense emotional rollercoaster of ‘To the Shelter’. The single is a masterpiece of heavy tones, anxious trills and shelter from the pressure. The vocals have an airy feeling that bolsters the emotions they invoke.

Find out more about Klashing Black on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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