Of Shadows and Lights – Bleeding Wounds (2022)

Of Shadows and Lights is one of those artists that is able to effortlessly draw you into the story of his music, while exploring something deeper than first meets the ear. This was wonderfully showcased in his album Almost Prophetic Visions and Thoughts and his single ‘The End of a Nightmare’. Now, he is moving out of the darkness of his previous releases and into the lighter vibes of ‘Bleeding Wounds’.

While stepping out of the shadows, the single retains some of the darker spirit and power of his music. Underneath the metaphor about the vampiric world rests a much more intimate message about the wounds we all carry. With electronic tones at the core, wrapped in pure rock sensibilities, the orchestral elements sprinkled over the top brings something new to the listening experience.

The piano notes that open ‘Bleeding Wounds’ has a slightly gothic feeling to it. You can almost imagine this line playing in an abandoned ballroom in a dusty and old mansion. Beneath the rather haunting piano line, there are some darker tones that come through and rise into an explosion of rock on the chorus. It is a wonderfully evolving melody that moves from almost tender gothic acoustics to a really moving rock tone, before sweeping you off your feet into the electronic tones. The intricate weaving together of instrumentation and melodic tones is amazing and brings an epic feeling to the music. Each melodic element has a chance to shine before coming together for a driving movement that propels you down the soundscape.

As you feel the piano tones settle on your skin, the vocals bring a thread of thought to the single. The opening vocal lines lay out all the things he would like to change, tempered with the urge to move forward with life. The lyrics lean heavily into the story of a vampire and the loss of control vampiric urges can bring. The chorus continues this metaphor while bringing the deeper message of the single through. It is a very masterful progression that tugs at the edges of your brain, letting you know that there is a lot more to this song than you initially think. The powerful movement of the melody bolsters the gothic rock tale of the lyrics, while the vocals spirit their way through your senses.

Of Shadows and Lights sweeps through your senses with the epic gothic acoustics, orchestral overtones and vampiric metaphors of ‘Bleeding Wound’. The melody is rather epic in its sophisticated movement through an evolving tone. The vocals bring the uncertainty and pain of the lyrics to life while hinting at a much deeper meaning.

Find out more about Of Shadows and Lights on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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