Us – Paisley Underground (2021)

Us are hitting the airwaves with a splash with their single ‘Paisley Underground’. Using an intricate mixture of complex rhythms, energetic vocals and blistering guitars, the five-piece has you rocking out to their sound. If this is your first taste of what they have to offer, they are really set the bar high with this single.

The intricately woven soundscape is quickly becoming their trademark as they tour across the UK and Europe. The high energy of their live performances shines through in this song and let you know why they have gained a remarkable reputation in the underground scene. The single has also been recently released on vinyl.

‘Paisley Underground’ hits the ground running with a thumping opening that leads you to soaring guitars. The base of the melody has you moving while the higher levels lift your head and have you getting down to the groove of the music. There is a great flow to the music as you ride waves of sound that pick you up only to lightly lower you. It is a really infectious melody that you could listen to on its own. However, the vocals just add this extra edge to the song that makes it perfect. There is a guitar solo later in the single that is utterly riveting.

The vocals have a retro edge to them as they straddle the line of punk and rock. The vocals also have a slight roughness to them that brings an earthy and honest feeling to the performance. On the chorus, there is a gentle flow woven into the vocals that put a smile on your face. At times, there are wonderful vocal harmonisations that offer a connection and understanding that you are not alone in what you are feeling.

With ‘Paisley Underground’, Us run into your brain and get it hooked to their signature sound that brings a retro flow to a very modern vibe. The melody is perfectly woven into intricate flows that form waves of sound. The vocals rest on this while bringing a sense of honesty and connection to your ears.

Find out more about Us on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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