Koalra – Torture (2021)

Known for their punk meets indie-rock style with a twinge of shoegaze, the Portland-based foursome has a unique sound for the masses. From their surreal anthem ‘Dark Days’ to hard-hitting ‘Dear Daylight’, the US group exposes the grittiness of various genres. Featured several times on The Other Side Reviews, as well as Chalkpit Records, YMX and Eat This Metal, Koalra is building a critically acclaimed discography. The latest addition to this discography is the single ‘Torture’.

Following the powerful post-punk track ‘Waters Push’, ‘Torture’ adopts a more ethereal shoegaze sound with underlying post-punk influences. Still nodding toward Joy Division, The Cure and No Age, ‘Torture’ builds a hazy ambience plunging you into a whirlpool of sound. Combining distorted guitars with steady drums and keys, the melody has a wistful smoothness; however, the interspersed distorted guitar riffs add a brusqueness to the flowing track.

A hushed single with haunting effects, ‘Torture’ ebbs and flows with a seeming innocence in the harmonic cascade of music. However, the soft soundscape has robustness enhancing the poignancy of the single. Reminiscent of Ian Curtis, the vocals have a blunt intensity while layered in the surreal mist of ‘Torture’.

The second single from Koalra’s upcoming album Into The Everything, the single is enthralling and captivating. I have enjoyed Koalra’s music but I think ‘Torture’ is the shimmering thread in their silky discography.

For more from Koalra check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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