Kate Ellis – Wonderland (2021)

With her single ‘Another Way’, Kate Ellis left us emotional as we faced the challenges of life before moving to ‘Bluebirds and Rye’ which left goosebumps in its wake. Her latest single ‘Wonderland’ brings the powerful beauty of nature to our ears while considering how connected to it we all are. Inspired by a walk in a London park, the glimpses of beauty and natural life have been plucked from the great outdoors and woven into her folk sound.

While the single brings the majesty of nature to sonic glory, the song also touches on the fragility of the natural world. Ellis is not alone in her bringing of natural to sound as she is joined on the single by Clare Kenny (bass), Graham Kearns (guitar), John Reynolds (drums), Thomas Collison (keyboards), Pauline Scanlon (backing vocals), Andy Hobsbawm (guitar) and Joseph Paxton (violin). This third track from her upcoming album is particularly poignant now as climate change threatens the natural world.

‘Wonderland’ softly opens with a sound that shivers through you like the light through a tree canopy. The folky softness of the single is so delicate and touching that you can’t help but feel the soothing flow of nature. As you listen to the melody, a smile creeps onto your face while your breathing seems to become easier. The melody has been masterfully created to capture the wonder of the natural world and the peaceful awe it can inspire. While the music is gentle, there is a moving flow to it that is propelled by the various instruments. As each instrument comes together to form a river of sound, they are able to stand out on their own as well.

Breathing out over the melody are Ellis’ vocals which create a wonderful exhale in the opening. The lyrics are poetic in their description of nature and the peace that it can bring. The touching lyrics make you want to head out into nature and just soak up the magical energy it has to offer. Ellis’ performance is a light breeze over your skin which is made richer by the backing vocals. The overall softness of the track is amazing and you just want to sink into it and never have it end.

Kate Ellis has you marvelling at the wonder of nature and feeling the restorative energy it can provide in ‘Wonderland’. Every element of the single enhances the softness of the soundscape while creating a relaxed and gentle atmosphere that you sink into. With poetic lyrics, she brings the colours of nature to your mind while filling you with the urge to head out and experience it first-hand.

Find out more about Kate Ellis on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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