Kritters – Maybe You’re Right (2021)

No-one likes facing their problems and running away from them often seems like a viable option. Kritters offer an ode to running away with their single ‘Maybe You’re Right’. With a smouldering and escalating soundscape, the duo lay deadpan lyrics over a churning melody bringing the problems and your chosen solution to sonic life.

Kirini O.K. and Rob Steadman met in 2010 while he was Stornoway’s drummer and she was on summer break from studying at Oxford. Kritters became the pairs first creative project and blossomed from Kirini’s poetry. While they are both classically trained musicians, they take a different approach with their music defying genres and making music that feels right.

‘Maybe You’re Right’ has a very light opening that is all shuffling beats and delicate piano lines. The piano notes are like drops of rain pattering on the pavement while the beats start to churn your emotions. There is a feeling of something building in the music as the beats pound against your ears. The melody is really interesting as there are these little melodic elements that come and go throughout the track. Each adds a new layer and texture to the music that adds an ominous sense to the melody. As the single progresses, there is escalating anxiety in the music that really gets your heart pounding as you look around each corner for a trap.

Kirini’s vocals are a sweet nectar dripping onto the melody. While there is a sweetness to her voice, there is something deceptive in this like she is drawing you in with it only to turn once you are at ease. As you are filled with the rather uneasy feeling of the vocals, the lyrics are an interplay of trying to be happy with a constant tension as you wait for the other shoe to drop. It is a very intense single that makes you feel like you can’t breathe at times while getting hopelessly lost in the quirky flow.

Kritters create a building tension and ominous feeling of anxiety through the interplay of vocals and music in ‘Maybe You’re Right’. The sweet vocals counter the quirky melody yet they come together for a honeyed trap that never quite springs around you. It is a churning, escalating ode to ignoring problems even as you feel them creeping up behind you.

Find out more about Kritters on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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