KrizRok – Welcome To My Show (2021)

Following his motto of “music has to inspire”, KrizRok is a German singer that is not to be pigeon-holed. While we are looking at the solo project of this artist, KrizRok was captivated by music from a young age. He formed his first band at age 13 and is now working as a live and studio guitarist. Alongside performing in various bands, KrizRok has gained experience as a producer – a skill that he incorporates into his new projects. The latest addition to his well-received discography is the single ‘Welcome To My Show’.

Using his time during lockdown for creative purposes, the singer-songwriter released his debut single ‘Feeling’ to critical acclaim. He was featured on German radio stations Radio Bob, Radio Regenbogen, and several other online playlists/radio stations. Several months later, ‘Welcome To My Show’ was released and has featured on KMS Reviews where they describe him as “perfect medicine against anything moody, dark and bad.”.

In ‘Welcome To My Show’, KrizRok adopts a more upbeat and infectious pop-inspired tune as compared to the pop-rock single ‘Feelings’. I said before he does not want to be pigeon-holed and this variation in genres definitely showcases his innovativeness.

From the first chord, you are thrown into a kaleidoscopic soundscape with a high-paced dance vibe. The combination of instrumentation with synths makes for a toe-tapping experience where you don’t stop twirling about from start to end. Yes, the melody can captivate your senses with its Latin music style, but it is KrizRok’s vocals that add warmth to the addictive summer tune. Rich, bold and robust, KrizRok executes light-hearted, genuine lyricism in a buoyant way.

Bringing together elements of hip-hop and contemporary pop with a Latin American undertone, ‘Welcome To My Show’ is fun, cheerful and anthemic. The sonic representation of bright lights and dancing as much as possible, this song can easily be placed as one of those summer bangers. He welcomes us to his show and I am loving every addictive minute.

For more from KrizRok check out his official website, Facebook and Spotify.

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