AI – Don’t You (Get Carried Away) (2021)

Misinformation is rife and it can cause a lot of problems that pull you down. AI are giving us a chance to dance out all the negativity it causes with ‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’. With a nod to the divisiveness, conspiracies and pain that misinformation leads to, the duo blends synths and Rick Gonzales’ guitar for a burst of energy.

The synth-pop tones of the single come from Bobby Cheatham and Liz Feezor. The Austin-based duo draws on musical influences from The Eurythmics to Depeche Mode. With the help of featured guitarist Rick Gonzales, they creep into your ears with an energy designed to bring people together against the tidal wave of divisiveness we all face.

‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’ bubbles and pulses to life before rolling you into a melodic flow. Gonzales’ guitar line is captivating as it paces forward with the synths dancing around it. There is an interesting interplay in the melody. The guitar is an organic line that draws you forward and plays against the light and airy synths that want to pull you into the atmosphere. Together, they form a really soothing melody that has you moving and leaving all negativity in its wake. While not pulsing with uncontained energy, there is something about it that eases bright energy into your veins.

The vocals bring some retro vibes to the single as they echo out of the depths. There is a layering to the performance that creates a wonderful vibe. The lyrics touch on the troubles of the world only to move on in the chorus and encourages you to let the bad slide off your back. There is a touch of pleasing in the performance at this point that meets the synths to enhance their airy pull.

AI has you leaving negativity in the past and moving forward with the lights of ‘Don’t You (Get Carried Away)’. The synths and guitar of the melody combine to effortlessly draw you forward while the vocals encourage you to let go of negativity. Together, they have you wanting to move to their rhythm while shedding everything in a gentle burst of energy.

Find out more about AI on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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