Kyanna – Day By Day (2020)

Growing up in a musical household full of the sounds of classic rock and folk, Kyanna started singing at a young age. At 13, she started writing her own songs and has since released three EP’s and performed across London. Her latest single ‘Day By Day’ is her third since the start of the lockdown in the UK.

The song speaks blatantly about how Kyanna’s weekdays were taken up. This turns into contemplation of whether love is worth the time and the internal conflict of maintaining a relationship. These rather heavy themes are tackled with honesty and a reflective summer vibe.

‘Day By Day’ gently leads you into the song with a soulful electronic beat. The electronic notes move in and out of the melody to continue the neo-soul vibe. These notes make you want to move your shoulders to the rhythm. While soulful, there is a light and summery feel to the song that reminds you of lazy warm days spent relaxing with a cool drink.  

The soulful vibe of the track is enhanced by Kyanna’s sultry vocals. They caress your ears and flow over you in the most pleasant way. Her clear performance highlights the lyrics of the track which are relatable and honest. The chorus of this song is unbelievably catchy and will stick in your head for a long time.

Using soulful electronic beats and sultry vocals, Kyanna contemplates love, relationships and the workweek in ‘Day By Day’. The track has a light summery feel which covering you with neo-soul honesty and seductiveness.

Find out more about Kyanna on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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