Kylie Michele – With U With Me (2020)

Being in a relationship and independent at the same time can seem to be a challenge leading many to wonder if this is possible at all. Kylie Michele is addressing this with her single ‘With U With Me’. Through her pop soundscape, she debates whether finding a partner is worth the time and energy. The single takes a page out of a diary with all the thoughts it contains and unleashing it with a riff that sticks in your brain.

Following on from her debut single, Michele continues to use emotive and personal touches to make relatable music. Her musical style has been honed from a young age and led to her writing for other artists as well.

‘With U With Me’ hits you with the debate of the lyrics from the first moment. The bouncing vocals are captivating before they flow into a melodic line. There is a groovy vibe to Michele’s vocals that gets you moving to the rhythm of the music. The pulsing power of her performance brings the emotions of the single to the fore. The lyrics lay out an internal conflict that many people can connect with while her performance hooks you and will not let you go.

The electronic beats bubbling beneath her vocals have a great modern feeling to them. The main melodic flow of the song comes from the vocals, but the underlying beats create a wonderful foundation. They also add a little something to the pulse of the music that gets you moving. The electronic riff close to the end of the track is super catchy and will stick in your brain to haunt you at random times during the day.

Kylie Michele tears a page out of a diary and puts it to music with pulsing powerful vocals and deep beats in ‘With U With Me’. Her vocals create the melodic flow of the single while laying out the debate of the lyrics. Beneath her vocals are captivating beats that help get your shoulders moving to the rhythm.

Find out more about Kylie Michele on her Instagram and Spotify.

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