Oceanys – Back in Reggae (2020)

Oceanys brings three snippets of life to sonic glory with their EP Back in Reggae. Tapping into new dancehall music and stirring in some reggae and electric violins, the band considers life, music and relationships. Through the three tracks of the EP, they provide an insight into their lives while letting you have a really good time.

Matthias Steinhagen (vocals, violin), Steven Steinhagen (vocals, guitar), Michael Pass (drums) and Amed Soto Canizares (bass) meld influences from Genesis to Raf Camorra in their sound. Using expressive lyrics with groovy tones, the German vocals create a truly emotive and wonderful listening experience. While some of the lyrics are in German, you don’t need to understand it to get the meaning of the songs.

‘Der Weg’ hits you with funky grooves from the first moment. There is no way to not get hooked to the sound from the first second. When Steinhagen’s vocals slide in you feel the urge to sing along even if you don’t know German. The rise in his performance on the chorus hits you with a great uplifting vibe as it is perfectly executed. This is a very infectious song that you can’t stop listening to and could easily have on repeat.

The funky tones continue into ‘Melodien’ as the band works through their own coming to music. The harmonisations on the track are subtle, but add this wonderful depth to the music. The electric violin adds a slight haunting element to the music as it shivers behind the vocals. The vocals continue to captivate on this track as Steinhagen wraps you in the cloak of his voice. All the layers of the music combine for a laid-back enthralling song.

‘Worte’ ends the EP with a greater depth to the beats and a sliding funkiness. The melodic flows of the other two tracks take a different turn as you are hit with the beats that get your head moving. As the lyrics delve into an unstoppable relationship, you can feel the pull of it through the vocal performance. There are these moments of growling vocals that add a rough edge that is soothed by the violin.

Oceanys has created an EP that you are going to have on repeat with Back in Reggae. The funky grooves of the tracks capture your senses while the vocals have you sliding to their tones. While the lyrics are in German, the expressive performance transcends language barriers and you could easily find yourself singing along once you get your tongue around the words.

Find out more about Oceanys on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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