Lapels – All Things Down to You (2021)

With their debut single ‘Warning Lights’, Lapels transformed mundane experiences into bright and engaging tales. Now, they are following up with ‘All Things Down to You’ which ramps up the indie vibe of their sound to eleven. Offering a more mature sound, the single brings grit and edge to the drive needed to achieve your dreams.

With a clear message woven into the single, they fill you with the strength and motivation you need to reach and accomplish your dreams. As the band takes their next steps in their musical career they bring melodic growth and maturity. With the two singles they have already released, we can easily see why they have been signed to the iconic Marquee Records.

‘All Things Down to You’ strums into your ears with some classic indie rock tones. The movement of the music is so easy to fall into as it gets you to sway to the rhythm. You can hear the maturity of the sound through the tight arrangement that slides against your senses in the best possible way. While you can clearly hear each instrument, they come together for a solid melodic flow that bolsters the vocals. Halfway through the track, the guitars start to make a statement and call to your soul with the riffs.

While the melody flows into your senses and draws you into the movement of the single, the vocals are a warm wave that washes over you. The soft indie flow of the vocals brings a sense of urgency to take the steps you need to in order to achieve your dreams. This leads to a really inspirational chorus that fills you with wonderful energy. When the music takes a turn, the vocals continue to give you the push you need and make you want to move forward. The push is great and is perfectly bolstered by the music.

Lapels softly fill you with the energy and motivation to reach for and achieve your dreams in the indie-rock tones of ‘All Things Down to You’. The melody strums through you with indie-rock tones before bolstering your spirits to enhance the push of the vocals. There is a smooth touch to the vocal performance that perfectly weave into your senses and fills you with the positive vibes of the track.

Find out more about Lapels on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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