Lapels – Warning Lights (2021)

Lapels are bounding onto the music scene with their energetic debut single ‘Warning Lights’. While drawing on the mundane parts of life, the band uses a no-nonsense style with a fizz of Britpop to get you hooked to their sound. Through this debut single, the band offers a glimpse into their sound and what we can all expect from their debut album.

The 4-piece band offer a candid approach to music that sends listeners back to the early days of 90s Britpop. They first came together when Nathan and Andy sparked musical chemistry at college and pulled in Adam and Will. While gigging across the East Midlands, they caught the eye of Colin Peter, the CEO of Marquee Records who believed they would be a perfect fit. Now they are unleashing their sound with an infectious energy.

‘Warning Lights’ strums into your ears with a 90s vibe to the melody. The strummed tones weave around delightful rock guitars as the drums slowly build in power. There is a fairly mellow vibe to the melody that is tempered by a blast of Britpop goodness. While chilled, the music has a great momentum that has you rolling down the road of the single. There is a slightly retro vibe to the music that throws you back in time but the vocals bring the modern edge. If you are looking for a song that is both modern and retro, this is really the one for you.

The vocals bring a greater hit of Britpop to your ears with a touch of Oasis mixed into something that is purely Lapels. Through the lyrics, the band picks up some everyday experiences and turn them into a really engaging vocal line. There are moments of amazing harmonising that enhances the single. The chorus is really catchy and you will feel the urge to sing along. Combined with the melody, the vocals create a song that you can easily listen to again and again.

Lapels hit the ground running with the enthralling balance of modern and retro that is ‘Warning Lights’. Drawing on the mundane experiences of life, the band turns them into engaging tales and wraps their bright energy around them. This all comes together for a debut single you are not going to forget any time soon and will find yourself singing at random moments long after you stopped listening.

Find out more about Lapels on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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