N4November – Dear Friend (2021)

With his debut single ‘Dear Friend’, N4November invites listeners into a conversation between two people. Using lyrics that lend themselves to ambiguity, he allows each person to determine what the meaning of the song is and who is holding the conservation. While steeping in ambiguous waters, the single draws on the inspiration of daily life and touches on some sensitive subjects.

Written during the first lockdown when none of us knew how long it would last, there is one message that shines through the ambiguity and that is that we will get through this together. Alex, the man behind the music, pulled on Taylor Swift’s writing style to create the world of this single. While his debut release, this is not the first song he has written but it does show a depth to this style and sound that lets you know he is one to watch.

The strumming of the guitar that opens ‘Dear Friend’ with the vocals effortlessly pulls you into the track. When the drums enter with it, there is a great indie rock vibe to the melody. The electronic notes that dance across the top of the rock tones add an interesting texture to the track. There is a masterful feeling to the melody that is utterly amazing and makes you think that N4November has been doing this for much longer than he has. It is a really perfectly arranged melody that brings the uncertainty of the time to your ears while rising with the knowledge that you are not facing this alone.

Alex’s vocals are even more engaging than the melody as his timbre flows through your soul. The conversational flow of the verses is wonderfully handled. At times, you feel that it is Alex sending out messages to a friend without a response only to consider that the lines interchange in a true conversation. How this comes across depending on how you take the single and provides an engaging listening experience for everyone. Through all of this, the chorus soars through you and lets you know that there is someone out there that you can call on to help you get through troubling times. It is a really amazing single that is uplifting while having the amazing ability to hit each listener in a different way.

N4Novmber shows why you need to keep an eye on him with the conversational, ambiguous and utterly addictive tones of ‘Dear Friend’. His songwriting style allows each listener to draw a different meaning from the single while filling them with the knowledge that they are not alone. Through all of this, the movement of the music captures your spirits and has you soaring in his soundscape.

Find out more about N4November on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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