Laura Danae – Here I’ll Stay (2020)

Inspired by the likes of Alanis Morissette, Keane and The Smashing Pumpkins, one will assume Laura Danae to have a unique voice with a badass attitude – she doesn’t disappoint. Formed in New York City via mutual friends, Danae (vocals, keys and guitar), Ian Grey (guitar), Ned Steves (bass) and Aidan Shephard (drums) are gaining a reputation for engaging and energetic performances throughout NYC; then Covid-19 hit. While live music has ceased, this does not mean the foursome are sitting on their laurels waiting for something to happen; they’re making their mark with original material.

‘Here I’ll Stay’ is the fourth release from Laura Danae and one of the singles off their upcoming EP. Touching on elements of relationships, frustration, anxiety and confusion, ‘Here I’ll Stay’ is a narrative of breaking up and wondering how the other party just got up and moved on. However, do not be fooled into the despair of the post-breakup situation, Danae and her team embrace the optimism and hopefulness of self-acceptance after the breakup.

“This song is a post-breakup song where you see the other person moving on and you’re sitting there crying asking yourself how they did it and why there’s this stranger in what should be your place in their life.” – Laura Danae on ‘Here I’ll Stay’

Focusing on issues of inner conflict, self-awareness and empowerment, Danae’s upcoming EP is both enlightening and illuminating. ‘Here I’ll Stay’ is significant as it contributes to overall growth through acceptance of one’s mental state – in other words, overcoming the shitty situations life throws at us.

A piano-driven track, ‘Here I’ll Stay’ reminds me of the simple, soothing Paul McCartney ballads. Basic instrumentation coupled with Danae’s soulful vocals make the track endearing but, at the same time, heartbreaking. The steady drumming throughout the single acts as a heartbeat injecting life into the moving ballad making it far more emotional. It’s like listening to a friend cry her heart out but knowing there is still life beneath the sorrow.

Sincere lyricism with a flowing melody showcases the group’s innovativeness and originality as artists. Oozing raw honesty and genuineness, ‘Here I’ll Stay’ is beguiling, enchanting and slightly addictive. Leaving a lump in your throat and pricking your eyes with tears, Laura Danae’s ‘Here I’ll Stay’ is a charming introduction to what I believe will become one of my favourite groups.

For more from Laura Danae check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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