Track of the Day: Riscas – Cool To Chill With

Known for their passion and energy, Riscas is an indie-rock quartet from Birmingham. Reminiscent of Vampire Weekend and The Maccabees, they have produced anthemic tracks for millions of fans. ‘Cool To Chill With’ is a slightly different approach offering a slower, fresher and more “chilled” effect.

Spending a full year on the track (and other upcoming material), ‘Cool To Chill With’ is the base for a prosperous new year. Enhancing their already unique indie sound, ‘Cool To Chill With’ is a brilliant fusion of jazz and Britpop with an indie-rock slant – perfect for a day in the sun!

“With this song, we really wanted to explore a new direction and put something out we feel represents us at this point in our progression as a band, we hope it`s worth the wait.” – Riscas on ‘Cool To Chill With’

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