Laurelight – Rainbow (2021)

Hope is something that we should all grab onto but it is sometimes so fragile that it slips through our fingers. Laurelight is here to share a resilient message that strengthens the hope we need to get through the adversities life throws at us. A vital message that many need right now, the single brings vibrant colours back into our lives while filling us with the energy we need to continue on.

The single continues the ethos behind this musical project which is to bring light when it gets dark. With a delightful resilience, his solo project embraces vibes from synth-pop to disco-funk. Through the bright movements, he takes on the difficulties of life with a lightness that a lot of people are in need of.

‘Rainbow’ has a progressive opening that increases in volume to lead you to Laurelight’s vocals. His voice has a smooth flow that slides against your ears in the most pleasant way. There is a lot of power in his vocals that are just waiting to burst through. This power is wonderful when combined with the lyrics and vibes of the track because it builds the strength you need to face the world. At times, Laurelight brings this gruff growl to his performance that scratches perfectly against that little space in the back of your mind. As the song progresses, his voice pulses with bright lights that lifts your spirits and fills you with the confidence you need.

While the vocals and lyrics fill you with strength and hope, the melody pulses these emotions into your veins. There is a slow build to the music that bursts on the chorus for a kaleidoscopic flash. The music has an infectious combination of funk and synth-pop that sends the hopeful message of the track skittering across your skin. There is no way that you can listen to this song and not feel good about the future and your ability to take on adversity.

Laurelight pulses bright energy and hopeful strength into your veins through the infectious tones of ‘Rainbow’. Through the vocals and lyrics, he fills you with a hopeful strength that ensures you are able to face any adversity you face. The melody uses vibrant tones to pulse this strength and energy into your veins.

Find out more about Laurelight on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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