Neon Dreams – Don’t Go Hating Me Now (2020)

Being a good friend can sometimes lead to you being viewed as the bad guy. This is what ‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’ by Neon Dreams considers. The song looks at wanting to help a friend only for them to resent you for this. This can be one of the hardest moments to cope with particularly when you really care about the other person.

While this is a heavy and potentially sad subject, Neon Dreams is really about hope and positivity. The band is the vessel of Frank Kadillac’s (vocals) message of good vibes with the backing of Adrian Morris (drums). This song is a lead-up to the pair’s full-length album and a great taste of their soundscape.

‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’ has this twanging opening that draws you into the song. The beats of the song get your head moving as you listen to the lyrics. Kadillac’s vocals are smooth and have this 90s/00s sound to them. The flow of his performance has this inspirational vibe to it as he pleads to not be hated by a friend he is trying to help. There is something in his performance that makes it easy to connect with. The swell of his performance on the chorus is also really catchy and gets you caught up in the sound.

As you connect with the vocals, the melody bolsters your emotions. There is an upbeat vibe hiding in the melody that really picks up toward the end. The arrangement drives you to the points when the vocals hit hard making the song really enjoyable to listen to. The notes of the melody also add to the sense of hope that everything will be okay between the characters in the future.

Neon Dreams has you feeling hopeful after being cast as the bad guy with their single ‘Don’t Go Hating Me Now’. The song has an easy flow to it that you get lost in while the lyrics and vocal performance draw you into the story. By the end, you are left feeling that you can get through being cast as the bad guy when you just want to help.

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