The Kid and I – Morning Song (2021)

The Kid and I has packed a lot into his latest single ‘Morning Song’. From waking up in the early morning to the anxiety people feel about the end of the world, the single is in essence a journey in escapism. While bringing the feeling of a small town to your ears, he moves toward destruction and the swirling emotions of having to make your way through the world.

Since his debut single ‘White Feather’, Jacob Powell has kept listeners and critics hooked with his innovative sound in ‘Hey’. While he only has a few songs to his name, he is staking his place in the music scene and building a rather dedicated fanbase. With this rather ambitious single, he is really setting the bar for what is still to come.

‘Morning Song’ brings a sense of awakening to your ears through the opening. The guitar and humming vocals make you think of sunlight reaching through the window and shining in your eyes. This leads to an opening of the door as the guitars and drums thump against your ears. The change in the melody moves the single from the awakening of the world to a touch of anxiety. There is a lot of movement in the melody that is wonderful and really showcases the musical prowess of The Kid and I.

The progressive movement of the melody is played out by the vocals as well. Through the first verse, he rises in the morning before falling into anxiety over what the future has to hold. The chorus soars with the emotion of the single and the swirling feeling of being lost. There is an edge to the single that borders on anthemic as you want to chant and sing along, particularly on the chorus. As you listen, you are offered a moment of escapism as you ride his emotions and leave your own in its wake.

The Kid and I continues to impress with his most ambitious single to date ‘Morning Song’. The single effortlessly moves from waking up to anxiety and the feeling of being lost while making your way in the world. There is a lot you can relate to in the single while getting down to the movement of the melody.

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