Lava Suit – Follow (2020)

Life is hard and it can be daunting to walk your path alone. These emotions form the basis of ‘Follow’ by Lava Suit. The ambient and melancholic single touches on the constant search many people have for companionship and guidance. This is woven into a tapestry of illusion with the song shining a light on the idea that perhaps true strength is inside and you just need to embrace yourself.

The man behind the music, Gideon Kretschmer, has really found the authentic sound of his solo project with this single. Expressive and haunting, it invokes all those emotions that we generally put on the back burner and encourages you to work through them for a positive future.

‘Follow’ draws you into the soundscape with a textured and encompassing opening line. The layered melody grabs your hands and draws you into the single. There is a flow to the music that has you sliding down the single. The interplay between the drums and guitar is smooth and swirl around your head in the most pleasant way. There is an expansive feeling to the melody with darker threads of melancholy. There are some warbling notes that add a sense of uncertainty to the melody as they shoot through you.

Kretschmer’s vocals add to the expansive feeling of the melody. There is also something searching in his performance which is enhanced by the airiness and echoes of his vocals. While there is an airiness to his performance, there is also a lot of power and strength. This is reigned in for much of the song, but bursts through on the chorus and works perfectly with the lyrics and message of the track.

Lava Suit captivates you with the search for companionship and realisation of strength that is ‘Follow’. The single uses an encompassing melody that swirls around you to fill you with the emotions of the lyrics. Kretschmer’s vocals are searching with hidden power and strength that breaks through much like the realisation that true strength is within.

Find out more about Lava Suit on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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