Under Delusion – Follow Me (2021)

Under Delusion fills you with melancholy through the sad atmospheric tones of ‘Follow Me’. Wrapped around dark alternative rock sounds, the vocals trickle into your senses and pull you into the story of the ballad. The single comes together to form the unmistakably unique stylings of the band that stand out from the crowd and bring a new approach to rock.

Drawing on life-long passions, the band members merge their experiences and expertise to form an honest reflection on the human condition. With lyrics that get you thinking and roil your emotions, they have you hooked to a new style of rock. With a touch of escapism and understanding, they present their musical themes through a mix of synths and guitars.

The guitar that opens ‘Follow Me’ wraps strings around your brain and pulls you into the single. The sark atmospherics take over from it and have you riding dark clouds. There is a stormy feeling to the music akin to the moment before the clouds open and unleash their lashing rains. This building pressure is relieved for a breath of fresh air before the deep plunge of guitars. It is an utterly unforgettable movement that has you freefalling into the guitars and churning depths they bring.

As you are drawn into the dark soundscape, the vocals add a ribbon of satin to the proceedings. The depths of the female vocals are low and sultry as they beckon you into the soundscape. The backing vocals accentuate the vocals while adding this cushion of sound to the track. There is something quite hypnotic about the vocals that cast a spell over you and will not leave you. The single is easily one that you can listen to again and again without ever getting tired of it.

Under Delusion wraps a dark and atmospheric soundscape around you before putting you firmly under their spell in ‘Follow Me’. Through the stormy tones and seductive vocals, the band fills you with a sense of foreboding and melancholy that you are unable to resist. This results in a single that will be on your favourite playlist before you even finish listening.

Find out more about Under Delusion on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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