LearningToDive – Falling Leaves (2020)

The brainchild of genre-bending artist Bravo Bonez, LearningToDive is a sensational, moving and engaging musical project. He may already work under four creative identities, but LearningToDive is the place Bravo Bonez comes to share reflective messages with a post-punk meets trip-hop design. One of the latest additions to his incomparable discography is the single ‘Falling Leaves’.

Penned as the second single off his upcoming album Norwegian Pop, ‘Falling Leaves’ is a hazy LSD trip with some chocolate on the side. Comfortable, engaging, entertaining and a little surreal, the track invokes a sense of harmony with elements of uncertainty. While the swirl of sound is what carries you on a river of sound from one universe to the other, it is the lyricism which adds poignancy and significance.

Melding elements of post-punk and 80s pop, ‘Falling Leaves’ has an ethereal effect but contains existential truths. It might have been composed before the Covid-19 pandemic shook Earth, but its sombre message is far more relevant to society today. Reflective, insightful and eerily accurate, the track pushes the theme of loss, sadness and death. With the synth-laden melody and haunting vocals, ‘Falling Leaves’ is the sonic representation of grief and understanding one’s insignificance.

For more from LearningToDive check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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