Spünday – ICE-TV (2022)

With the first new material since their debut album Shock Wave Gang Bang, Spünday reiterate why they are the band for anyone who loves genre-defying, mind-bending and loud music. ‘ICE-TV’ is their new boundary-pushing offering that takes us on a hallucinatory journey into our own psyche. Traversing the seedy underbelly of our minds, the band uses their blasting sound to uncover interests and depravities we never knew we had.

Packed with disreputable characters who guide us through the hustle and bustle of a life in crime, the pandemonium of the soundscape is pure bliss. As far as sonic out of body experiences go, this is one you are not going to want to miss, and one that is sure to rearrange the way you view all the music you listen to. Hitting us upside the head with a sound we never knew we needed, the band is sure to take your senses by storm.

‘ICE-TV’ warbles into your ears and shakes you up with the full-on sound. This warbled and scratched opening pulls you into the rabbit hole of the track, before the guitars hit you over the head and have you vibrating out of your skin. The high-octane energy of the band shines through the pounding and thrashing tones of the melody. As they use their sound as a cannon to blast through your senses, the melody shakes you up and tosses you into the dark underbelly of your own mind.

While the melody is tossing you around, the vocals are a combination of spoken word and punk-rock flows. The interplay between the spoken-word vocals is great, as it captures the first steps in the hallucinatory journey of the track. The punk-rock lines are what pick up the melody to hit you in the head, as you are dragged into the deeper parts of your own psyche. As the spoken word vocals pop up throughout the single, they are like flickering TV screens, lining the static road of your mind. The single is an intense journey that not so much shows you the darker parts of your mind, as throws you in the deep end and assaults your senses with what you find.

Spünday has you vibrating out of your skin, while spiralling into the dark underbelly of your own psyche in the blasting tones of ‘ICE-TV’. The music shakes you up and tosses you out into the hallucinatory rabbit hole that is the single. The vocals are a combination of punk-rock flair and spoken word segments that come together for a flustering journey.

Find out more about Spünday on their Instagram and Spotify.

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