Kate Ellis – Scars (2022)

Kate Ellis has had us feeling a lot of emotions from the challenges of life in ‘Another Way’, to the beauty of nature of ‘Wonderland’. Having taken us into these emotional states, she is now turning her attention to the relationships people have with each other in ‘Scars’. A dysfunctional love song, she walks the line of love and hate in relationships, while bringing humour to the storm of emotions crossing the line brings.

While love and hate clash in the single, Ellis considers how even after the negative emotions have washed through, love is still there in the end. With a soft rock Americana vibe, she creates a soundscape that offers the same experiences of walking into a bar where a couple is loudly arguing, only to make up at the end. Lively and emotional, it brings everything we have come to love about her music to our ears again, while touching on a whole new topic.

‘Scars’ rolls into your ears with some infectious country-rock tones. There is a toe-tapping energy to the music that weaves its way into your muscles, before the vocals have a chance to hit. The guitar riffs are a pleasure to listen to as they twang with an edge of steel and have you wanting to jump around to their sound. Each instrument from the band adds to the addictive movement of the single. While there is a serious hit of country-rock, there is a sprinkling of pure rock ‘n roll thrown in to complete the engaging sound of the music.

As the melody has you jumping and tapping to the sound, Ellis’ vocals bring another dash of country to the soundscape. Her vocals are as engaging as the music, as she pulls you into the tale of dysfunctional love. Using a twist of humour, she unleashes all the things she finds annoying about her partner. The frustration and annoyance toes the line between love and hate, but there is always the knowledge that she cares for the other person. The spoken word vocals that cut in halfway through the track bring a change to the lyrics, as she smiles through the happiness woven into the relationship. This is the most pleasant and engaging take on this subject and is sure to get you hooked to the sound.

With a country-rock flair, Kate Ellis weaves the story of a dysfunctional love that toes the line between love and hate in ‘Scars’. The melody hooks you from the first second with the rock tones that swing you around the room. Her vocals are the final nail as she hits you with a twist of humour.

Find out more about Kate Ellis on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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