Leo Kelly-Gee – Brother (2021)

When Leo Kelly-Gee teamed up with Matt Ginno for ‘Free’, they had you shrugging off worries while yearning for freedom. Now on his own, Kelly-Gee takes a warm and tender look back on a childhood shared with a younger sibling. Through the single, he explores the sometimes strained yet unabashedly loving relationships between brothers and the experiences they share growing up.

Written after he left home for the first time, the single brings the viewpoint of the older brother to the emotive lyrics. A truly heart-warming single, it will touch a special place for anyone who has siblings and offers a sense of understanding to those who don’t. Mellow and relaxing, it is easy to fall into the reminiscence of the track while reliving some of your own memories.

‘Brother’ brings the warmth of a summer day spent with a sibling to your ears with the rolling acoustic guitar. The folk sensibilities of the melody create a babbling brook of good vibes and happy memories. The lightly nostalgic feeling of the track is wonderful as it fills your senses with good memories and happy times. While the melody seems relatively simplistic, there is a delightful movement to the guitar that tumbles down memory lane. The light beat that joins the guitar adds texture to the track bringing the good and bad moments of having a sibling to life.

As you travel back in time with the melody, Kelly-Gee’s vocals make you smile with his reminiscing lyrics. Through the first verse, he fills you with the adventures of childhood where you run around without a care in the world. As the single progresses, he picks up the moments of anger and strife all familial relationships go through. While at odds, there is a smiling feeling to his vocals that lets you know this is still a good memory of sibling exasperation. If you are in the mood for a trip into your memories with a sepia haze of warmth, this is the track you should be listening to.

Leo Kelly-Gee has you smiling to the soft reminiscence of ‘Brother’ while filling you with the warmth of good childhood memories. The acoustic guitar-driven melody is gentle as it draws you back into warm days long gone. Through the vocals, Kelly-Gee plucks at your heartstrings while filling you with the joy of happy childhood memories.

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