ELLSWORTH – Potholes (2021)

If you are looking for a single that makes you want to get into your car right now and hit the road on an epic trip, you are in the right place. This is exactly what ELLSWORTH does with her single ‘Potholes’. Bringing the warm summers of the 70s to your ears, she has you longing to roll the windows down while hitting the open road to who-knows-where.

While she has already made an impression on the Denver folk scene, ELLSWORTH will make an even bigger impression on anyone listening to this track. With a style that has you longing for summer days, the crackling fire of the campfire and having fun with friends, she gets you lost in her musical landscapes. Using an innate ability to find the hidden recesses of your soul and shine her folky light into them. she will have you yearning for more of her music.

‘Potholes’ strums into your ears with some classic 70s folk sensibilities. There is a light feeling to the melody that lifts any stress lingering on your shoulders. Through the melody, you can feel the wind from the open car windows whipping past you while the cool air eases the heat of the day. There is an expansive feeling to the music that reaches out past the horizon while beckoning you to explore its paths. There is no way that you can’t sway or bop to the melody as it settles on your skin like the warm rays of the sun. The easy flow of the melody has you wanting to turn up the volume so you can sink into its delightful movements.

While you get lost in the paths of melody, ELLSWORTH’s vocals bring a touch of Americana to the folk soundscape. Her voice is like the warm air rising from the open road that shimmers as you look into the distance. The vocals performance is as soft as the melody is warm and fills you with a lingering sense of peace. The depleted parts of your soul are filled with the good vibes of the single as you listen. While there is a great uplifting feeling to the single, the vocals and lyrics do have a touch of her characteristic melancholy. This provides the contrast that you need to feel the good vibes filling you up and replacing any darkness.

ELLSWORTH has you longing for the open road while filling the depleted parts of your spirit with the warmth of ‘Potholes’. The melody is a warm summer day spent on the road with the wind whipping through your hair and cooling your skin. Her vocals bring a touch of melancholy to highlight the good vibes that sink into your skin and lift your spirits.

Find out more about ELLSWORTH on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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