Leonardo Barilaro – Not 32 Days Without a Note (2022)

Leonardo Barilaro caught our attention with the experimental tones of ‘Asteroids’ which hid a subtle message. With his single ‘Not 32 Days Without a Note’ he marks the start of his project ‘Space Piano Music Everyday’. During this yearlong musical journey, Barilaro will release a new single every day taking listeners through experimental, cinematic, jazzy and art-pop tones.

All of these styles have been packed into this opening salvo of the project. The instrumental track introduces the life-long and never-ending process of creating music that Barilaro has taken since he started playing the piano. If his last release had you hooked to his instrumental experimental tones, this track will have you extremely excited for the year-long project.

‘Not 32 Days Without a Note’ has an ambient tone that opens with a slightly ethereal gothic choral movement. The drums bring a jazzier vibe to the soundscape as they lead you to the light dance of electronic notes. Each line of the melody combines for a rich movement that the light piano notes take to another level.  There are a lot of different lines that form the cascade of music. This cascading tone is caught by the choral backing tones that offer a rather angelic tone to the whole process.

Halfway through the track, there is a slight change in the movement of the single. Urban car samples break up the melody only for the choral tones to build against it. The piano line really starts to shine at this point and dances around your brain. There is a lot going on in the track and you find that something new is always waiting in the wings to grab your attention. Overall, the track is an amazing amalgamation of the classical tones, choral vocals, Gothic movements, electronic twinkles, jazzy vibes and avant-garde sensibilities. You never quite know what will happen next but there is no way that you can stop listening. It is captivating and enthralling as it brings the different sounds of life together.

Leonardo Barilaro combines classical piano, electronic notes, cascading drums and experimental sounds for the enthralling single ‘Not 32 Days Without a Note’. The instrumental track is a masterpiece of avant-garde instrumentation. Barilaro keeps you guessing over what will happen next in the single while continuously bringing new lines to the melody.

Find out more about Leonardo Barilaro on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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