Leonardo Barilaro – Asteroids (2021)

Leonardo Barilaro is making a serious impact with his single ‘Asteroids’. Bringing classical homages to bossa-nova harmonies, he considers how humans are like the dinosaurs with the only difference being that we can see the asteroid coming. While he touches on the climate crisis, he also considers the other serious issues that we try to ignore in order to have a good time, particularly in the summer months.

The single is another step in Barilaro’s journey into contemporary space music. Since the start of the pandemic, he has been developing this new sound and released 4 EP’s and 11 singles. Experimental in nature, his new sound mixed futuristic space tones with grounded classical for a unique fusion that is quite unlike anything else out there right now.

‘Asteroids’ softly opens with a classical piano line that soothes you into the track. The bossa-nova influence slowly builds through the soundscape as the classical tones give way to a moving flow. There are some really interesting electronic tones in the music that brings a spacy vibe to the track. The experimentation comes through with the sound samples that are woven rather artfully into the movement. Cows mooing are the most common with dog barks rounding them off for something quite unique. The music takes a paced turn later in the track that gets your heart racing and your feet tapping to the beats.

The layering of the music is quite masterful as it brings the different influences and sounds together in a cohesive and captivating manner. The classical lines move delicately into the bossa-nova taps for a fun feeling. When the lower level beats tap against your ears, they seem to carry a warning that is ignored in favour of the fun to be had in the higher tones. When the music takes a turn, there is a greater sense of urgency that cautions us to take note and consider what is coming. The electronic pulses come through like danger from the dark reaches of space that are swept away for fun times.

Leonardo Barilaro captures your imagination with the experimental tones of ‘Asteroids’ while unleashing a subtle message through the music. The instrumental track has a lot going on that is layered to perfection as each element comes together for a cohesive whole. The use of samples, classical lines and bossa-nova influences is amazing and really showcases the power of his musicality.

Find out more about Leonardo Barilaro on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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