Levy – Seeing Red (2021)

Feelings of jealousy can send you into a vicious cycle of insecurity. This is brought to sonic life by Levy in her single ‘Seeing Red’. As she delves into the insecure thoughts you might get lost in, she reminds us to take them with a grain of salt. The single is a refreshingly honest tribute to the darker emotions we have and a reminder that we can all overcome them if we try.

Using some conventional pop-rock foundations, she builds on it with neo-soul grooves and expressive vocals. These melodic elements are wrapped in conversational lyrics and laid over a polished base for a single you will not want to listen to only once.

The soulful vibes hit you from the first note of ‘Seeing Red’. The instruments have a sultry soulful slide that makes you want to sway to them. The drums bring a more rock tone to the music complemented by the call of the guitar. The melody is an amazing mixture of groovy beats, soulful slides and singing guitars that come together for a soulful foundation for Levy’s vocals. The layers of the melody are all unique but come together perfectly for a textured melody that takes a gentle turn later in the single.

The textured melody forms the perfect foundation for Levy’s vocals. Her voice carries the soulfulness of the melody into the lyrics while making you want to sing along with her. The lyrics offer a one-sided conversation that delves into our emotions in a wonderful way. The light lilt to her vocals at the start of the track creates a softness that wraps around you. This turns into a funkier groove as the song progresses with a splash of neo-soul.

Levy takes a look at jealousy and overcoming negative emotions in the sinfully soulful grooves of ‘Seeing Red’. With a textured melody and neo-soul vocals, she slides across your ears for a listening experience that touches your soul. The flow of her vocals is gentle yet groovy while the instrumentation comes together for a perfect foundation.

Find out more about Levy on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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  • January 23, 2021 at 1:38 pm

    In love with this song and this voice and this band!
    Wonderful review!

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