Jaymotts – Love Paralysis (2021)

Jaymotts are using their comedy funk-rock sound to tell a rather different story of finding love with ‘Love Paralysis’. The story takes place in a sausage factory and considers finding what you never knew you needed in your life. With catchy bass lines and some funky guitars, the band has you getting down to their sound while finding the humorous side of life.

This fun love song comes from Jonathan Hall (vocals, guitar) and Chris Le Mottée (bass). The pair are old school friends who have combined their love of music with their shared humour. Their mission is to add some colour to the lives of listeners with quirky and humorous music that has you lost in their world with a smile on your face.

‘Love Paralysis’ has you smiling from the first funky tones. The vocals draw you into the single with some great harmonisations before they funkily slide the lyrics across your ears. The bouncing vocals create the scene of the sausage factory in the most humorous way before you are bounced into the chorus. Hall’s vocals have a great quirky lilt to them that matches the funky melody. Listening to the lyrics, you are filled with the comedic elements but this is perfectly tempered with a depth that brings the emotions of the track to life. While you could get lost in the comedy of it all, there is a real love story woven into the fun.

As the lyrics make you smile and have fun with the love story, the melody gets you bopping to the groove. It is a non-stop music wave that has you bouncing in your seat or dancing around to the beat. There is an infectious funkiness to the instrumentation that is undeniable. The smooth flow of the music complements the fun vocals while getting you lost in the soundscape.

Jaymotts have you bouncing to their funky tones with the lively and fun love story ‘Love Paralysis’. Hall’s voices clearly paint the picture of the story with a large helping of comedy. As you journey through the story, the melody has you bouncing about to infectious beats and funky instrumentation that is utterly unstoppable.

Find out more about Jaymotts on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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