Lilo Powder – One of Us (2022)

With their first single since their EP release in 2020, Lilo Powder brings a cinematic feeling to the story of everyday life. ‘One of Us’ brings the subtle nuances of daily life to sonic glory with its alternative rock and dream-pop flow. Building toward the end, the lyrics pick up little moments of life while setting the foundations for something much bigger.

This sonic building is something that Andreas Lundmark (vocals, guitar) and Tim Meier (drums) are extremely talented at. Through their music, they create a larger than life soundscape that builds on the small intricacies of their melodies. The single has been released with an accompanying music video made by 3D artist Mathias Lundgren that draws you into an abstract alternative world of light and dark.

The echoing strum of the guitar that opens ‘One of Us’ laps against your brain like waves on the beach. The melody has a very cloudy feeling that invites you to sink back into it. It is almost meditative in its movement and lifts a weight you never knew was resting on your shoulders. The rather hazy vibes of the music has you swaying into the soundscape while the guitars come and go with a lovely riff. There are times when the music sighs against your senses leading to an exhale of the negative things in life and replacing them with a glowing light. You can’t listen to this melody and not feel lighter at the end. The music does build toward the end of the song with a rising motion that leads you to a leap of guitars. While this happens, the softness of the music remains as it reaches out with its cinematic flows.

The haziness of the melody enhances the vocals that sigh against your ears. There is a slight smile to the vocals as they look back on moments of life. The lyrics do have a nostalgic edge as they consider the past and how things can never be the same as they used to be. This is gentled by the knowledge that while this is the case, you can easily accept and adapt to the changes. The lyrics touch on a number of moments in life that relax something deep in your chest. The dreamy vibes of the performance bolster the good vibes that gently settle in your soul.

Lilo Powder brings a dreamy cinematic movement to our ears as they bring the gentle beauty and good vibes of daily life to ‘One of Us’. The music is soft and gentle as it laps against your senses and lulls you into the dreamy relaxation of its movement. The vocals continue this dreamy touch while sprinkling a bit of nostalgia into the soundscape.

Find out more about Lilo Powder on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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