A.B. Violet – So Lonely (2022)

A.B. Violet has taken us through an ode to apathy in ‘Merry Go Round’ after the uplifting acceptance of ‘Only Need Me’. Now, she is turning her musical attention to feelings of loneliness in the aptly titled ‘So Lonely’. With a heavy beat, she paints the picture of being out and surrounded by people having a good time only to feel utterly alone.

Through the music, she fills your chest with a heavy sensation and the idea that something is missing. While she is no newcomer to our ears, there is something new to the sound of this single as it sings with electronic pop and chillwave tones. The vibes and vocals are also a little unexpected but this only highlights the versatility of her musicality.

‘So Lonely’ pulses with light electronic tones like light flickering through trees and moving to the wind. It is a very delicate movement that grabs you with the potential it brings. As the single progresses, these light flashes turn into something deeper like the sound of a party coming through a door. The deep and heavy beat that comes through shakes up your insides as it punches against your ribcage. The jittering tones that dance around this beat bring a light dance vibe, but there is a distance to the sound that creates a space between you and the potential of the energetic movement. This is amazing as it creates a sonic movement for the delve into the loneliness that is the foundation of the track.

As the electronic tones fill the soundscape, the vocals float out of the depths. The vocals bring the feeling of loneliness to life with a serious emotional hit. It is a rather masterful performance because the vocals float out of the melody like they come from the same party but have this detached vibe. They almost sigh against your senses with their sadness and loneliness while reaching through the pounding of the beat to tug at your heartstrings. The overall movement of the melody has a slight dance vibe to it, but the melancholic edges of loneliness bring the vibrant dance energy down. The single perfectly brings the feeling of being alone in a packed room to life.

A.B. Violet couples an electronic dance vibe with melancholic vocals to create the detached feeling of being alone in a busy room in ‘So Lonely’. The melody flickers with lights carrying the potential of a fun time, but there is a distance to it. This is picked up by the vocals that fill you with the sense of being all alone while surrounded by people.

Find out more about A.B. Violet on her Instagram and Spotify.

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